The district’s Annual Performance Report was made public in October 2019.  The format changed from years past in that school districts no longer receive a percentage score. Instead, the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education is now using a rubric to track each district’s performance.  Data for academic achievement attempts to answer three questions: 

  • Are individual students making achievement gains over time?
  • Are all students achieving at high levels at this point in time?
  • Is the school, district or charter making improvement over prior years?

Areas of strength included scores for advanced placement, graduation rate and attendance rates. These scores were all noted to be at or above state averages.  Scores for College and Career Readiness standards 1-3 were also on track according to the new rubric. 

Aurora R-VIII finished the 2018-2019 school year in the approaching category regarding all academic areas.  Individual student growth was determined to be on track for English Language Arts and Math.  Overall district growth was determined to be on track for ELA.  Overall district math growth fell short of the desired outcome.  Subgroup performance was commensurate with reports for the entire student population.

Strategies to improve areas associated with the Annual Performance Report.

*Closing the early childhood/kindergarten readiness gap currently seen.

*Thoroughly vetting each program/area to determine when, where and how appropriate changes can be made.

*Continue tracking student progress using standardized benchmark assessments in order to make instructional decisions in a timely manner to meet the needs of each learner.